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Stone Monument Setting & Installation
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Granite Monument Setting & Installation

Granite memorial and monument installation, sometimes referred to as monument setting, must be done properly to insure the monument will not lean or sink into the ground over time.  Most cemetery memorials or either one-piece stone flat markers, or 2-piece upright markers and require different installation methods. 

Extra care should be taken with the 2-piece stone memorials because of the weight and shape of the stone base.  These larger monument usually require a special cement base that is installed below the monument to keep the monument from sinking into the earth, leaning or falling over.

We install Stone Memorials, Granite Monuments, Granite & Marble Cemetery Headstones
Mausoleums, Cemetery Benches & Markers, Civic Memorials & Veterans Memorials

Childs’ Monument Works has years of monument installation experience and we travel throughout the Southeastern United States to install cemetery memorials and civic monuments. We have the proper equipment necessary to transport your monument, install your monument and the proper tools to get the job done right the first time.

We can also reset leaning or sinking memorials that were not installed properly or that have starting to lean over a long period of time.  Depending upon the condition of the monument, we can usually correct the problem and restore your monument back to proper position.

We understand that you need a company you can trust. Our craftsmen have years of experience, and  will assist you from start to finish. It is our intention to make a meaningful contribution to the people we serve and our work is fully guaranteed. Call Childs’ Monument Works to scheule an appointment or ask any questions at 1-877-717-6972

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